Corporate Governance

In Grupo Monte we face the Governance Corporate as something dynamic and evolutionary, which aims above all to ensure the alignment of organization and solid approach and efficient processes

In the wake of the restructuring process in 2012, Grupo Monte shareholders and it’s Administration a sua Administração administration have adopted a new model of corporate governance. Grupo Monte is led by two holdings: Monte SGPS, S.A. and Monte Turismo, SGPS S.A., the latter dedicated to operations linked to Tourism and Hospitality.

The Boards of Directors of both holdings consist of 5 elements, a President, a Vice-President and three vowels.


Executive Committee

It’s up to the Executive Committee (EC) to draft long-term strategies according to the values and objectives of the Group. After the adoption of this strategy, the EC will have the following responsibilities:
– the follow-up of operational activities of Grupo Monte, both nationally and internationally, in line with the defined strategy;
– the global financial coordination of the group with highlight to the maximization of treasury funding streams and minimization of financial burden;
– the commercial dynamization of the various companies and the development of new business.


Corporate Center

The Corporate Center of the group integrates all backoffice group having two main areas, the Administrative and Financial area and the Human Resources area. The first is led by Dr. Luis Rocha and the second by Dr. Filipa Monte.

The broad outlines of the Organization and report to the holding company of all companies of Grupo Monte are prepared by the Corporate Center, analyzed and put up for approval by the Board of Directors.

Organization Chart

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