Major Events

In a context of general strong economic contraction in the construction sector in particular, Grupo Monte was subject in 2012 to a reorganization that affected its structure substantially.

In addition to the weight of the structures and support services, the group concentrated the activities in a number of increasingly restricted companies. Both processes have been implemented to streamline costs.

Thus, and despite the efforts made by the group in order to maintain its competitiveness, the national market situation implied the structural measures aimed at strengthening the international dimension of the group and to an improvement in their financial strength and access to more advantageous financing conditions. One of those measures passed by the recent negotiation of incorporation of Grupo MonteAdriano in a fund for the concentration and consolidation of the construction sector in Portugal.

Monte, SGPS, S.A. was founded on October the 1st 2012 and is the materialization of the new Grupo Monte.

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