Date of 1940 the beginning of activity of Família Monte in the construction industry and public works with Mr. Avelino Gomes do Monte.

In 1980 the company Monte & Monte (M&M) is founded in Póvoa de Varzim by brothers Manuel and Alípio Monte, developing, essentially, its activity in infrastructure works, sanitation and water supply in the Alto Minho, having the region’s authorities as major clients.

The diversification of the company happens in the year of 1992 with the passage of M&M to anonymous society, but keeping as shareholder structure its founders and immediate family and invest in road construction with strong specialization in earthwork and paving. It is in this year that tourism and real estate start to be part of the company activity, the result of shareholdings in companies that were in the process of reviving over the years.

In January 2005, Grupo MonteAdriano is born from the merger of two economic groups who held a strong presence in the sector: Monte & Monte and Sociedade de Empreitadas Adriano Groups. In this way Monte SGPS became the owner of all group companies, and the construction sector were grouped under the Brand and Group called MonteAdriano.

In 2007, Monte Family acquires 100% of the total Group, starting a process of restructuring with a view to the reorganization of the group by business area. It is also in this year that the third generation of Monte family assumes a role of leadership within the company, working closely with the founders of the group.

In 2012, Grupo MonteAdriano is alienated, having been reorganized a new Grupo Monte.

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